Bonest Gatti – The Need For Speed

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Bonest Gatti is one of the top watch brands from Germany and may be one of the most underrated watchmakers in the world. A German watch brand? Traditionally, most think of the Swiss as the best watchmakers but now days there are many countries that have great watchmakers as it has become a worldwide endeavor.

Even though Germany has become a dominating force in the watchmaking industry, they are overlooked by many. The truth is, Bonest Gatti represents one of the best values for a luxury style timepiece combining superb design and great functionality.

So, if you’re in the market for an out of the ordinary luxury watch with eye-catching style that won’t break the bank, Bonest Gotti has what you need.

Today we are going to look at Bonest Gotti’s most popular watch, the Bonest Gatti 8601 Automatic watch.

Bonest Gatti Blue Leather 8601


This is where the 8601 really stands out. Technically the 8601 is a sports watch but boasts a premium luxurious feel that shames much of the competition especially at this price point. Both elegant and functional, the 8601 will meet the needs of most modern-day watch enthusiasts.

The 8601 is constructed with a durable stainless-steel case that has a high premium feel and the diamond grade metal cutting aerodynamic design really set it apart. If you look at Bonest Gatti’s promotion of this watch, its pairing with a well-known luxury super car seems appropriate as going fast may be your first thought when seeing the 8601 for the first time.

There are two types of bands available, the exquisite leather band and the natural liquid rubber band. The leather band brings an elegant look to the otherwise aggressive design. The rubber band further enhances the aggressiveness and the desire to hit the road at maximum speed.

There are twelve band color combinations with the color of stitching in the leather band matching the color on the watch face. With all these options, you are sure to find an 8601 that matches your unique style.




Bonest Gatti watches are extremely well-built and the 8601 is no exception. The dial window is made of sapphire crystal which may be the best crystal for this purpose. Its extreme strength can withstand any falls that may occur.

The movement is the Miyota 82S7 automatic self-wind and is one of the most popular movements since no winding is necessary. There is no battery to worry about and being automatic, it will last longer than a regular quartz watch.

What’s also cool about the 8601 is the transparent bottom cover that allows you to see all the inner workings of this magnificent timepiece.





The German made Bonest Gatti 8601 checks off many boxes for those looking for a luxury style sports watch. The build is high quality and the design makes it hard to take your eyes off as it fuels your need for speed. This is a slick and stylish affordable luxurious looking timepiece that will work in any environment. If a new watch is on your radar, give the 8601 a look you won’t be disappointed.

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